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Tune Ups

We take great pride in our service work. Prior to any service work we will give you a free no-obligation estimate of what work will be needed. Anything above what is discussed in our initial estimate will first be communicated to you before we start. Regardless if you need a little air in your tires, our standard tune-up, or an overhaul--your satisfaction is our goal.


Whether your goal is the "Great Iowa Ride", the many spring & summer organized events, or that peaceful morning ride, come see us to keep your road, mountain, cyclocross, or hybrid bike in top condition.

Standard Tune Up:

•Wheel truing

•Front and Rear derailleur adjustment

•Front and rear hub adjustment

•Bottom Bracket inspection and adjustment

•Lube all cables

•Brake adjustments

•Clean and lube chain & drivetrain

•Wipe bike down

•Check and adjust tire pressures

•Check and tighten all parts and components

Youth Buyback Program:

Worried about buying a bike for your child only to have them outgrow it by next summer? Our Youth Buyback Program has you covered. Buy a full price youth bike from Bike Central, and you can trade it in for 35% of it's full value within 3 years of the initial purchase. 


Give us a call today for more information at


Other Services:


•Hub and crank bearing adjustment, cleaning, and greasing

•Wheel building and truing

•Tire and tube replacement and repair

•Brake and shifter cable replacement

•Brake adjustment and pad replacement

•Component installation

•Bike fitting

•Bike shipping and assembly

•The list goes, but we know you don't have all day to read a services offered page, so give us a call if you need something you don't see here.

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